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If your business or residence is heavily damaged by fire, flood, or earthquake, the emotional toll it takes can be heavier than the physical damage to your property. After all of that, you now have the headache of dealing with your insurance company and documenting your claim. Many people lack the expertise necessary to deal with insurance companies effectively, so they end up settling for less than they deserve. This is why you need to enlist the help of the right public adjuster for a loss or claim, which you can find at Crown Adjusting. For over 39 years, Robert Crown has been committed to helping ordinary people get what they’re legitimately owed by their insurance companies in the San Francisco and Greater Bay area. As a licensed Senior Professional Public Adjuster (SPPA), Robert is committed to delivering the best financial settlement for your individual situation. Let Crown Adjusting provide you with the leverage you need to get the settlement that you are entitled to.


We work closely with you to help secure the best financial settlement under the terms and conditions of your insurance policy while ensuring that your claim is properly documented and correctly valued.


We prepare and present all of your insured losses, including but not limited to: building damage, business and residential personal property, equipment and machinery loss, tenant improvements and betterments, loss of rental income and fair rental value, loss of use and additional living expense claims, and loss of business income and extra expense claims.


We work cooperatively with your insurance company adjuster as well as other insurance professionals to reach an agreement on the scope of the damages, so an estimate of repair reflects an accurate and thorough understanding of the work required to repair and/or replace your damaged property.


We quantify all costs under your replacement cost claim and recovery, whether covered under the building coverage or personal property and contents. These include: design and engineering costs, code upgrades, hazardous materials abatement, and costs which may require hiring professional valuation consultants for equipment, antiques and collectibles, books, collections, electronics and items which require specialized expertise.

“We searched far and wide for the best public adjuster and we were truly blessed we found Robert Crown. Without his guidance we would have proceeded blindly, much like going through a maze, not knowing where to turn, what to ask and when to ask it, and ultimately what the next steps were. Robert helped us see in the dark and illuminate the way forward. He patiently explained all our options and showed genuine compassion, thanks to his unique background, but mostly from his own heart. Robert is a true professional with great character and the utmost integrity.”

— Farland C., Residential Homeowner Trustee

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If your house or commercial property has been damaged by natural disasters, water damage, or fire. Our adjusters will handle all types of claims, including roof damage, denied claims, flooding, broken pipes, and plumbing, throughout California, including Oakland, Alameda, San Leandro, and San Lorenzo. With a public adjusting firm committed to you, you can rest assured that we have experience managing all types of claims. Crown Adjusting is the go-to firm for individuals and businesses who have experienced property damage due to natural disasters, water damage, or fire. Our team of experienced adjusters is committed to helping you get the compensation you deserve from your insurance provider. Our premier Oakland, California public adjusters specializes in assisting with the approval of residential and commercial property damage insurance claims. Our professionals make it simple to maximize your claim. Platinum Public Adjusters examine your damage professionally to guarantee that your claim is completed correctly and that you receive the greatest compensation. We understand how stressful dealing with property damage can be and are here to help guide you through the entire process. We will work with you to collect evidence of the damage and create detailed documentation that accounts for every aspect of the loss. Our team will review your insurance policies in detail and ensure that you receive a fair settlement covering all of your losses. At Crown Adjusting, we have a long history of success with insurance claims. We take pride in our ability to secure generous settlements for our clients, even when they might feel overwhelmed or lost during the claims process. Our expert adjusters are passionate about representing their client’s interests and ensuring they receive the best possible outcome from their claims. We strive to make the claims process as stress-free as possible by providing comprehensive support throughout each stage of your case. We are available 24/7 to answer any questions or concerns that you may have regarding your claim. We will also advise you on any next steps needed to resolve your claim successfully.

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