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Public Adjusting Services

In the aftermath of a large property loss to your home, commercial building or business, many policyholders do not know where to turn for help or who to trust. Being inundated by contractors, restoration professionals and public adjusters alike can be equally disconcerting. If you are a catastrophic loss policy holder, your insurance company, along with your insurance broker or agent may encourage you not to hire an advocated claim adjuster, but to deal directly with the insurance company. Contractors looking to help you or a contractor called in by your insurance company to estimate the repairs may also have something to add to the opinion pool as you collect information and sort through the range of opinions, pro and con, to get a more balanced view. The greatest mistake an insured can make is not to explore what a talented and experienced public adjuster in the Bay Area brings to the table as an advocate to the insured. If knowledge and expertise is empowering, then it makes perfect sense to educate yourself and be well-informed as you begin your claim process after a fire loss, with a public adjuster in California.
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Review your insurance policy thoroughly and develop clear goals in relation to it.
Determine the scope and extent of the damages to your home and necessary repair.
Test for asbestos and lead with regard to building damage and contents contamination.
Prepare a replacement cost estimate that substantiates what is owed under the claim
Hire experts when necessary to evaluate building damage and document repairs
Inventory and assess damage to personal property for loss valuation purposes.
Utilize professional appraisals for specialty items, i.e., rare books, art, antiques, collections and etc.
Prepare, present, adjust and settle the insured’s agreed value settlement, while exploring all of their options under the policy, including cashing out.
Present additional living expenses, loss of use, fair rental value or loss of rental income claims for the insured post loss, and through completion of repairs subject to the insurance company’s agreement.
Secure monies agreed to under the claim through the completion of repairs, including: code upgrade claims, replacement cost benefits/recoverable depreciation for betterment, supplemental and or additional claims not previously submitted – from permitting through the repair process to completion.


Provide a comprehensive review of your insurance policy and coverage as it applies to you loss and provide a proactive claim strategy that maximizes your financial recovery.
Assist you in complying with your policy’s requirements, such as mitigating further damage and being aware of time and coverage limitations.
When tenant leasehold improvements are involved, help determine how those improvements should be presented as part of the overall building loss and claim (i.e., some improvements may fall under Business Personal Property coverage, not the building coverage per se).
Conduct a thorough evaluation of your loss, carefully researching, detailing and substantiating every aspect of your claim and recovery.
When appropriate, in the course of evaluating the loss, hire construction and equipment consultants to provide expertise and claim support.
Work as your advocate at all inspections and meetings with your insurance company when appropriate.
In support of securing the best financial settlement in the shortest period of time, work to achieve your own goals and objectives every step of the way.


Review and assess your insurance program and provide a claim strategy that is sound and effective. This includes helping the insured with business relocation and or partial operations at a new or temporary location.
Document all facets of your property and insured losses, including: damage to building, custom installations unique to your business, tenant improvements and betterments (which may be valued separately), business personal property inventories, including stock and equipment, customer goods, and work in process.
Hire outside experts when beneficial if not necessary.
Help develop a sound business recovery plan with the approval from the insurer, utilizing your insurance money wisely, to set up temporary operations, or to permanently relocate your business when possible. The insured has the obligation to mitigate the loss at all times during the period of indemnity.
Work with the insured to comply with all requirements under the insurance policy provisions and establish a diary of agreements and costs that will be covered in the claim.
Document and prepare the insured’s loss of business income and extra expense claims with the assistance of a forensic accountant, when the policy provides loss of income coverage and the loss period is subject to time or dollar limitations, or both.
Work closely with the insured paying particular attention to coverage limitations so the insured does not end up spending down their policy benefits unnecessarily.
In anticipation of the insured reopening their business and preserving their customer base, work strategically with the insured using business income and extra expense coverage to enhance and support customer relations, while mitigating the business income loss, to the extent possible.

Crown Adjusting Services

Areas of Loss

• Fire • Sudden breakage
• Earthquake • Flood
• Windstorm and rain • Theft
• Roof collapse • Vandalism
• Hail • Hurricane
• Physical Damage

Why Choose Us

Crown Adjusting LLC is a client focused Public Adjusting firm, committed to excellence in every aspect of customer service and client relationship building, and we do not handle a large volume of claims. Many public adjusting firms are market driven and employ full-time sales professionals to solicit and garner new business, while other staff adjusters handle multiple claims at once. As a result it is not always possible to make good on their promise to dedicate the same level of professional assistance to existing clients, particularly when the demands of handling new business are given priority. At Crown Adjusting you will know from day one, who is handling your claim and be 100% assured that your claim is in the best of hands, and resolved in a timely manner.

We evaluate claims we are best suited for and for clients that customarily prefer to work with the individuals they meet at the point of sale, so they know who will be handling their claim from beginning to end. Property claims include residential claims, custom homes, residential and commercial apartment buildings, office complexes, retail businesses and an array of industrial and mercantile properties, large and small. We do not offer our services to clients if we cannot devote 100% of our expertise, time, and energies to help. As such we are personally involved in every claim we handle. This simple and test proven business model works, just ask current or former clients.

What Clients Say

“It never occurred to me that the insurance company protecting me against loss for years was now immediately at cross purposes after my historic Victorian residence burned in Berkeley. It’s all quite logical when you think about it, I paid my insurer thousands of dollars over the years but now it’s real money to them and their goal is to pay as little as possible, without being obvious about it. I was one of the people Robert could not formally represent because I was substantially “underinsured”. However, Robert helped me anyway, by showing me how I could enlist my insurer’s help to cover several claim related expenses and preserve my limited coverage for actual repairs. This strategy protected me from shorting my own insurance settlement, even before it was agreed too. Robert knew I would need every penny and found $70,000.00 in additional claim benefits through creative thinking and negotiation. I could never have rebuilt my Victorian without this needed money and I assure you it would not have been offered. If you want to maximize your settlement so you’re not building on a tight budget or you just don’t want to handle the months of red tape and paperwork, I cannot recommend Robert highly enough. Not only was I able to rebuild my Historic Queen Ann Victorian to its original splendor, I also won recognition in 2014 from the Berkeley Architectural Heritage Association in the process, and made sure Robert got credit too for his invaluable assistance.”
Michael S., Former Builder & Real Estate Investor