Robert Crown

Robert Crown SPPA, began his career as a public adjuster in 1985. Robert brings a diverse set of practical skills and a wealth of experience as a client advocate to policyholders, not only because of his 35+ years working as a public adjuster. His early training and post-graduate education earned him a Master’s Degree in Social Work Administration in 1981, prior to becoming a Public Adjuster, while also working for himself in construction and remodeling over a five year period from 1976-1981. In November of 1985 Robert began working for the Greenspan Company/Adjuster’s International, the largest public adjusting firm in California, which serves policyholders throughout the state. From November of 1999 through September of 2014, he continued to refine his public adjuster skill-set working collaboratively with Consolidated Adjusting, Inc. a small San Francisco based firm that serves policyholders in the greater Bay Area. Robert’s ongoing commitment to service on behalf of insurance consumers is exemplified in the relationships he has established over the years with his clients, as well as industry professionals, helping others and those they serve. His knowledge and expertise has been fine-tuned over the past 35+ years working collaboratively with an array of insurance industry professionals, many of whom serve at the behest of the insurance companies themselves. These relationships established and cultivated over many years have earned him the trust and respect of clients and industry professionals alike. Robert’s personal commitment to customer service working directly with property insurance consumers after a loss occurs continues to inform and to enrich his practice as a client advocate and licensed Public Insurance Adjuster. Robert began Crown Adjusting LLC in the fall of 2014 to better serve clients under his own stewardship. In doing so he continues to dedicate his time, energies, and commitment to excellence in customer service and satisfaction – working with and for individual clients, one at a time.

Crown Adjusting is a proud member of NAPIA
and sponsor of United Policyholders

NAPIA, the National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters, is the recognized and respected trade organization for public adjusters in the United States. UP or United Policyholders is a non-profit insurance consumer advisory group that assists policyholders before and after disasters. It also lobby’s for progressive legislation protecting policyholder rights, facilitating change and keeping insurance companies in check with regard to unfair claims practices wherever they occur.

Robert Crown - Public Adjuster CaliforniaRobert Crown SPPA

“Hiring a public adjuster to represent you after a significant property loss occurs may be the best decision you ever make. Most insurance companies are happy to work with you directly. Well intentioned or not, insurance industry professionals will not coach you through the process of presenting your claim properly. It should come as no surprise that insurance companies do not want us involved, especially when it will cost them exponentially more money than they would otherwise owe. Having your own talented and tenacious advocate will do more than help level the playing field, it will return the advantage to you, the insured.”
Robert Crown, Principal

Our Promise To Clients

  • We honor the confidence our clients have placed in us and strive to meet and exceed all of your expectations.
  • We understand that every client relationship begins with the highest confidence in selecting Crown Adjusting LLC. We also believe that trust is earned and rarely forgotten, especially when the results are impressive and memorable.
  • We are very good listeners and begin every client relationship with an acknowledgement of the clients particular needs and expectations.
  • We support and encourage regular communication with our customers during and throughout the claims process. Our clients are kept informed every step of the way.
  • From start to finish we pay attentions to and support every detail of your claim.
  • Your claim will not be delegated to subordinates at any time in your claim process.
  • Pursuing new business will never take priority over delivering quality service and impressive results to clients that choose us before our competitors.
  • Our attention to your claim and commitment to customer service requires that we be available seven days a week to better assist you knowing that a timely and satisfactory resolution of your claim is of tantamount importance.